Landcare Graphic Designer NRM Ag Sector Communications Specialist Australia Creative Sparrow

Hey there,
I’m Danielle.

I’m a graphic designer and communications specialist for the NRM, Landcare and ag sectors.

“Hang on – what?” I hear you ask.
“Graphic design AND NRM?”

Yep, I worked in Landcare and NRM extension (in the Gilgandra region of central west NSW) for 20+ years.

And I’ve also trained in graphic design, content writing and editing.

Why graphic design?

Because it’s a huge part of communication, and it happens through images, shapes, fonts and colours. I wanted to learn how to use graphic design for improving community engagement.

And then I added writing and editing to my skillset. Because words are obviously also crucial for communicating a message well, and that’s my thing.

So now I help Landcare groups and NRM organisations engage their communities using well-crafted words and great on-brand design. I make sure their message truly connects with their audience by using words and images they relate to.

I believe effective communication is crucial for learning and growing, and ultimately for sustaining our rural communities.

And that’s your end goal too, right?

Let’s chat about the projects you’ve got planned.

A little bit about me:

I’ve lived in central west NSW all my life. I grew up in a mixed farming family and have also married into one. We grow Merino sheep and have some cropping.

I just love seeing our rural communities thrive when information is communicated well and targeted for them. Those a-ha moments are what gets me out of bed! Great graphic design and content is a huge part of that.

A few fun facts:

We’ve got a great veggie garden and fruit trees, and I love to cook what we grow. But that sometimes means we get gluts – often citrus, tomatoes and figs. Feel free to share your trusted recipes!

We’ve got five dogs – four kelpies and a cattle dog. Living on a farm, they’re technically working dogs but they much prefer being pets. They are lovely company on my paddock walk.

I’m an award winning photographer (Gilgandra Show counts, right?). I love finding the beauty in what I see every day. It makes me stop and appreciate where I live.

P.S. Why Creative Sparrow?

Quite simply it’s a childhood nickname, a silly name Dad called me.

Landcare Graphic Designer NRM Ag Sector Communications Specialist Australia Creative Sparrow

Interested in working together?

I’m dedicated to helping you communicate more effectively with:

Custom graphic design,
writing and editing services

Event promotion and brand review/strategy